love poems that will make him cry

Letting You Go
by Ivanna M. Torres

I know I have to face the day when my mornings will not be as sweet
when I’ll wake up and feel like something is missing and nothing is there
when you will be waking up next to someone else who isn’t me
every day I fear this morning is getting closer

every night I fall asleep
I sleep in hopes of dreaming
that everything would be like it was before
but I can't get that chance because reality will not leave me alone

I will always have to confess one thing
nothing scares me more than loosing the person that I have always had by my side
at nights I’ll feel so alone and lost without you
and maybe you'll be lonesome too

I know I’m being selfish for wanting something I can’t have for ever
but I will always feel in my heart and in my soul
that you belong to me
no matter the distance no matter the place no mater the time

my mornings are getting colder
my nights are getting wrestles
I will never stop thinking about the day I’ll have to say it
the day I’ll have to say goodbye

that day is getting closer ...
the day I’ve been wishing for never to come
the day of your departure
I’ll watch helpless as you turn around to leave
a part of me will die the day I'll let you go.


Love poems that will make him cry#2

At First
by Marci Parker
At first, remember how you promised?
It would be soft and tender,
A loving feeling to remember.

But, instead . . .

You made me feel like a whore,
My body laid out in front of your eyes to adore.
And I wondered how this could be,
We were finally together, you and me.

I was only a piece of flesh,
No loving thing,
And that was the night this angel was stripped of her wings.

You hurt me, caused pain
And what was I to gain?
This tiny life that is inside,
When I found out I could have died.

Something that once had the chance to be so sweet,
Turned out to be nothing to you but a piece of meat.
The pain I felt,
My heart you made melt.

This pain can never be recovered,
Because I will always have a reminder of my first lover.
Something he will not see for a while.
He does not know that we made a child.