Best Gangster Sad Love Poems Collection

Sad but True gangster sad love poems

My eyes filled with sorrow,
my heart an empty place,
your touch, smile and beauty,
can only feel that space,
sometimes I think theres no reason,
to live another day,
then I think of you and my children,
and it leaves that thought a stray,
then in my mind you linger,
and again I'm feeling sad,
I never had a clue,
being apart could hurt so bad,
my soul is already taken,
and you know it belongs to you,
your my life, your my love,
my heart belongs to you. ! gangster sad love poems

Lovin a Gangster

Lovin a gangster is so hard 2 do
it's like your lovin them n hoping they love you 2,
coming home late everynite,
waking up the next day, then your out of my site,
i cant go thru this cuz your breaking my heart,
sometimes it feels like we're torn apart,
you say you love me, but those are jus words,
you never really showed me how much you cared,
i wish you could open your eyes and see how much of my love i gave you,
but you say your a gangster, and your down for your hood,
but your nothin to me but a stranger that's not even down for his lady,
you see where this is goin,
i thought we were meant to be, gangster sad love poems
but this is how love goes wen your in love with a gangster.

Gangsta Love

He was raised in the streets
She was in pain
They live two different worlds
Their not the same
He's walkin' around people givin' him fame,
While she walks lookin' down, people givin' her pain
He's gettin' hi-fives
And no one wants to save her life
He's chillin' with his boyz
Tellin' them his "stories"
While she sits in the corner
Tryin to dose over
He's rollin down town
But she's havin' a break down
People givin' him cheers
Why don't anyone try to dry her tears
They bump into each other...
This can't be real...

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