sad poems that make u cry

For Sean
by jenawin
I caught a
glimpse of myself
as I opened my
car door

a face
I don't really
stared back at me

it looked eighty

bitter eyes
sharp lines in my

a girl raped of her
I suppose

you know it's been
millions of years
since I've talked to you

I feel like you

let me feel the snow again
before I had to
sever you
from my side

let me hold your hand
the simplest things that
haunt me

let me pretend that
I don't really know the

or better yet

let me
the girl
under my skin
took away


sad poems that make u cry #2

The Lie
by Wikket
Woke up this morning
Trying hard to hide my melancholy
I joined you for breakfast
And we continued our lie

Every day it is similar
You are cheery
And so am I
Our terrible lie

Can you imagine a time
When we awoke and did not speak
Realizing our moods would cause tension
Tension caused by too little life?

I do wish sometimes
As I leave for work sullenly
Dreading the day already
Weeping far within

The lie, terrible and unending
Would cease to be
And I would know the real you
And you the real me

But, the lie drags on for now
For it is not written in the stars
And perhaps it will never be
I am my own companion

The dreaded truth
Gathered in a lifetime
Sentenced for an eternity
Realized too late