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Happy Birthday..Amanda -

I haven't searched among the card displays,
to see if I could find,
A little something that would say,
Just what was on my mind.

You are that person I can run to
and you know you could do the same
You have that personality
no one else can explain

I’ve been through rough friendships
and through youthful friendships too
but when I needed someone’s trust
It was the day I’ve met you

You are always a happy person
and annoying sometimes
you are that helpful hand
I always seem to find

We always talk about the same guys
they’re apart of our friendship talks
and if we like the same!dudes!
Away from them, I seem to walk

You may not act your age
But your shortness makes it up haha ;)
You always fuse about looking young
So you put on the makeup

You really have nothing to cover
and I promise this to you
You are that special person
people seem to run to

I wish you a happy birthday
and years far to come
don’t worry about boyfriends!yet!
Just worry about passing school, and having fun!

I know this poem seem not to make sense
I have no other way to tell you, no other way to say
How happy I am to be friends with you
AND wish you a Happy 17th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Col -

Its been about 4 years now,
Since you took us under your wing,
You shared your life with us,
We were holding on by a string.

You gave us a place to call home,
Helped us whenever we needed,
You're like the father i never had,
Like your own kids we were treated.

I'll be forever thankful to you,
Gave me and my brothers alot,
Things we could only dream for,
Love and support thats what.

I may never say it to you,
But I love you like a dad,
You're always there for us,
Even when things go very bad.

Happy birthday Col,
And I hope we share many others,
Thank you for everything,
For helping me, mum and my brothers.