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first filipino poems tula

as i watched you go away from me
i saw a glimpse of my future ahead
a vivid of my life without you…

through the years,
i stick with you against all odds…
done everything i can just to be with you by my side

ive been called a thousand names
and still didn’t let it get on my nerves
and continue to be foolishly in love with you…

and now,
the road ahead us is in a crossroads…
one needs to go on opposite sides…

i’ve choose to be right ahead of you
not because i don’t love you anymore…

i’ve choose to leave you
not because i don’t care anymore…

i’ve choose to be alone
because i know i have to.

as i watched you leave
i saw my future differently…

i saw my life
i saw myself
i saw everything

and everything is different… filipino poems tula

The Songs of Levi - filipino poems tula

So sweet and pleasing
are the songs of Levi;
so full of love,
faith in God
and philosophy;
elegant in style,
creamed with rhetoric;
like a flower his lyrics,
like a fresh morning his melody.
Dancing in the tongue
are the songs of Levi;
dwelling in the mind,
tickling the bones,
glowing in the body.
The nation sings
the songs of Levi -
Christmas carols,
serenades, hymns,
folk songs and tunes of unity;
conveying motherly love,
hope, peace, festivity;
expressing grand ideas
about culture and beauty;
binding the voice
of a people;
turning day into spectacle
night into party
time into a flow
of memories and dreams.
So deep, yet so rich
are the songs of Levi;
making his people proud,
his nation happy. @filipino poems tula

You Are Where I Need You - filipino poem tula

You love me but I don't care.
I seek my own ways, yet You guide me.
I choose my plans, yet You protect me.
I honor my desires, yet You are still there.

You love me stronger than I can resist.
I hate the world, yet You give me hope.
I despise myself, yet You preserve me.
I deserve death, yet You give me life.

Why do you love me Lord?
My name belongs to lowly people.
I have been running from You
Yet You are always beside me.

You keep my sanity
when I am about to give up;
You carry my whole weight
Just when I am about to jump.

You renew my trust in people
And give me a reason to live.
You wipe away my tears
And send angels to my relief.

You watch me day and night,
While I walk or sleep.
Where I am thirsty
You go with drinking water.

You are where I need you
And I am where Your love is.
Why should I ever worry
If You are always beside me?